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5 of Fraser Island's Best Swimming Spots 5 of Fraser Island's Best Swimming Spots

5 of Fraser Island's Best Swimming Spots

Being the biggest sand island in the world means that Fraser Island has loads of swimming spots to choose from. Unlike many of the islands on Australia’s east coast, Fraser Island’s main attraction is not the beach, but the crystal clear and white sandy lakes that can be found on the island. The coastline and beaches surrounding Fraser Island are unsafe for swimming due to rough waters and sharks. Hence, the best island swimming spots are actually lakes. Here are our top 5 swimming spots to take into consideration when booking your Fraser Island tour.

1. Lake McKenzie

Lake Mckenzie has got to be one of the most photographed locations on Fraser Island. As you make way over the sand dunes prepare to be blown away! Perched upon a sand dune, Lake Mckenzie is made purely of rainwater (which means you don’t have to worry about any creatures lurking beneath the surface). The sand is made of pure silica and you can actually clean your jewelry with it!

2. Champagne Pools

Fraser Island’s Champagne Pools are another major attraction that most Fraser Island tours will include in their itinerary. Located on 75 mile beach, the pools can be found just north of Indian Head. The rocks form a barrier for the ocean waters crashing in, creating shallow ocean pools or as we like to call it, natural Jacuzzis.

3. Lake Wabby

Located in the Great Sandy National Park, Lake Wabby is an emerald green and sits within its very own sand dune (which looks like a mini Sahara Desert). It is the deepest of Fraser Island’s Lakes and the ultimate spot for a swim!

4. Eli Creek

Another of Fraser Island’s main attractions is Eli Creek. The creek flows over 80 million liters of water into the Pacific Ocean every day and the water is so pure that you can actually drink it. Surrounded by tall trees that provide shade from the sun on a hot day, Eli Creek is a fantastic spot for a refreshing dip. 

5. Wanggoolba Creek

Sitting amongst Fraser Island’s Rainforest, Wanggoolba Creek is one of our favourite spots for a swim on a stinking hot Aussie summer day! Located right by historic Central Station, the creek’s natural waters allow you cool off by the towering trees and unique flora of Fraser Island.

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