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8 Must Dos on Fraser Island 8 Must Dos on Fraser Island

8 Must Dos on Fraser Island

If you are planning a trip along Australia's east coast chances are, booking a Fraser Island tour is on your bucket list. Fraser Island is located in the state of Queensland is around 200km north of Brisbane. Stretching a gigantic 120km from top to bottom, it is the world's largest sand island! The beaches surrounding the island are unsafe for swimming but much of the island's attraction to travelers is the natural swimming lakes, creeks, rainforest walks and rich history that can be discovered on the island. Here are our top 7 to dos on Fraser Island.

1. Lake Wabby

The deepest of the island's lakes, Lake Wabby is an emerald green colour and sits within a gigantic sand dune. It's like no other swimming spot on Fraser Island and the perfect spot for a dip.

2. Maheno Shipwreck

On the shores of 75 Mile Beach sits the Maheno Wreck. 'Maheno' is a Maori (native New Zealand) term for 'island.' The ship was originally built in Scotland and was used as an ocean liner that travelled between New Zealand and Australia. In 1936 the ship washed up on the shores of Fraser Island due to a cyclone. The ship later became a sacred place for the native women to give birth.

3. Indian Head

Located on the northern end of 75 Mile Beach, a walk to the top of Indian Head Lookout will leave you with 360 degrees of Fraser Island and the surrounding ocean. It is also the perfect spot to lookout for Whales, Dolphins and Sharks.

4. Eli Creek

Sitting amongst towering trees, Eli Creek is a great place to take a dip on a hot day. The water pours over 80 million liters of water into the ocean every day and it is believed that the waters entering the creek may have taken 200 years to make their way from the island's sand dunes!

5. Lake McKenzie

Probably one of the most photographed locations on Fraser Island, Lake McKenzie is paradise - pure silica white sands, crystal clear blue water and perched upon a sand dune. No visit to Fraser Island is complete without a visit to Lake McKenzie!

6. Central Station

This is where you will truly get a taste of just how old and significant the rainforest on Fraser Island really is. The walkway through Central Station will have you surrounded by ferns, towering trees and wildlife - heaven!

7. Coloured Sands

Found on 75 Mile Beach, the coloured sands are a result of thousands of years of erosion and reflect bold colours of yellow, red, orange and brown.

8. Champagne Pools

The Champagne Pools are well worth a visit! As the ocean's tide sweeps it way over the rocks, shallow pools of water are formed, creating mini natural Jacuzzis! The ultimate way to chill out after a day exploring the island.

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