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Driving on Fraser Island: How to be safe and have fun Driving on Fraser Island: How to be safe and have fun

Driving on Fraser Island: How to be safe and have fun

One of the greatest experiences on Fraser Island is cruising along the 75 Mile Beach Highway in a 4WD. Most tag along 4WD tours to the island will give you the option to drive the vehicle, whilst following a professional driver in the leading car. Due to Fraser Island’s gigantic sand dunes and rising tides, there are a number of safety precautions that you must take note of. All Tag Along 4WD tours will include a pre tour briefing where you will be provided with driving tips. Here’s what you should know.


  • Ensure that 4WD is engaged before driving
  • Use low gears when driving on soft and dry sand
  • Don’t turn sharply
  • Break slowly
  • Low tyre pressure is suitable for soft sand
  • Re-inflate tyres for hard surfaces
  • Try to stick to established tracks when driving on the island
  • Stay in your vehicle if you see a Dingo and try to drive around animals
  • Most inland tracks on Fraser only offer a single lane. Don’t drive off the tracks and make sure you use passing lanes to let other drivers pass. Always allow the vehicle closest to the passing bay go through first
  • Always give way to traffic that is coming down hill – it can be difficult to brake when going down!
  • Always let heavier vehicles or those carrying a trailer pass first – it is harder for them to brake
  • It is illegal to load luggage on the roof of your vehicle as it can cause an uneven balance. Always store luggage inside the vehicle and ensure all passengers in the 4WD remain inside
  • Always wear your seat belt!
  • The maximum speed limit on Fraser Island is 80km/hr and that is along the beach. The speed limit on inland tracks is 30km/hr. Slow down and be patient – you are on holiday
  • Always travel within 2 hours either side of low tide. Steer clear of the beach and water and when driving on 75 Mile Beach, drive between the low and high tide marks
  • Slow down when crossing creeks and never stop mid stream. Always test the depth of the creek first
  • Always give way to pedestrians
  • Do not drink and drive!
  • Don’t drive at night
  • 75 Mile Beach is a public highway and you must adhere to normal road rules – drive on the left, indicate when turning and follow road signs
  • And most importantly – be safe, slow down and have fun!

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