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Fraser Island Hot Spot: Lake McKenzie Fraser Island Hot Spot: Lake McKenzie

Fraser Island Hot Spot: Lake McKenzie

Lake McKenzie is one of the most visited natural wonders on Fraser Island. With white sands and crystal clear waters, the lake sure does make the perfect backdrop for the ultimate travel selfie! But there’s more to Lake McKenzie than breath taking views…


Lake McKenzie is one of 40 perched lakes on Fraser Island, sitting 100m above sea level within a large sand dune. In fact, Fraser Island is home to over half of the world’s perched dune freshwater lakes! But what is a perched lake? A perched lake is made purely of rainwater. The water within the lake doesn’t come from outer streams or flow through to the ocean. This is what makes the water in Lake McKenzie so clear. The water is so pure and clean that only as little as 3 species of Fish can survive in the lake and the sand around the island is too pure for most plant life. With little plant and animal life existing in and around Lake McKenzie, this little slice of Aussie paradise is able to maintain its near organic state.


The white silica sand of Lake McKenzie plays a vital role in the purification of the rainwater. The sand, mud and plantation at the bottom of the lake act as a basin, forming a protective layer that stops the rainwater from leaving the dune. It also works a filter, purifying the rainwater, which gives the lake its distinct blue and green colours. Much like the silica sands of the iconic Whitehaven Beach in the Whitsundays islands, the sand is so fine that it makes it for an excellent skin exfoliater – or for the brave, toothpaste! 


At only 5m deep and stretching 1.2km in length, the lake is the perfect swimming spot on Fraser Island. And the best bit? Throughout the summer months the average water temperature is 23 degrees! To protect the lake’s natural state visitors are advised against wearing sunscreen, oils and lotions when swimming in the lake.


Keen to swim in one of Australia’s most unique natural wonders? Find out more about our 4WD Fraser Island tours on our website or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call (07) 3911 1332. 

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