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What Animals Can You Expect To See On Fraser Island? What Animals Can You Expect To See On Fraser Island?

What Animals Can You Expect To See On Fraser Island?

Fraser Island is what we like to call nature’s heaven. Most travelers visiting the east coast of Australia will book a tour to Fraser Island eager to explore what makes the world’s largest sand island so unique. Fraser Island is one of Australia’s many UNESCO World Heritage Listed destinations and is home to unique rainforest, flora, beautiful swimming lakes and of course, wildlife. But what kind of animals can you expect to spot on Fraser Island?


Fraser Island is well known for its family of Dingoes that freely roam the island. It is expected that there are around 25 to 30 families of Dingoes on the island, each with about 3 to 12 dingoes per pack. The dingo populations on Fraser Island (like most animals) are always in search for food so there are safety precautions that you will need to undertake (see our Dingo Safety Guide here). If you do want to take a photo of a Dingo, do it from a distance or from inside your vehicle.


Each year there are thousands of Humpback Whales that migrate along the east coast of Australia, stopping in the shores of Fraser Island to rest – which means Fraser Island is one of the best places to spot for them! The Whale Season is between July and November and your Fraser Island tour guide will ensure that you have the best possible opportunity to see them!

Dolphins, Dugongs, Turtles & Rays

Dolphins, most commonly the Bottlenose Dolphin, are also frequent visitors to Fraser Island. Dolphins tend to travel close to land in pods of about 15, whilst in the open ocean sometimes they can travel in groups of up to 100. The Indopacific Humpback Dolphin is also a common sight along the shores of Fraser Island, as they prefer to swim in shallow waters. One of the best spots to look out for them? From the top of Fraser Island’s Indian Head Lookout.

Turtles, Dugongs and Rays can also be spotted on Fraser Island during the winter months.


There are 79 species of Reptiles that live on Fraser Island including 19 kinds of Snake (don’t worry, sightings are very rare). You may also spot ancient Lizards, Frogs and our favourite, the gigantic (but friendly) Lace Monitor.


Bird Watching is a popular past time on Fraser Island as there are 354 different species that live on the island.


There are also 47 Mammal species that live on Fraser Island and it’s not unlikely that will you get to see Wallabies, Possums and Sugar Gliders.

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