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How does it work with accommodation?

When you book the 3 day and 2 night tour, it means that the accommodation (2 nights) on the island is included. When booking this tour, for a small fee you can tick the option to book pre and post tour nights in Nomads Noosa (where the tour departures from and returns). When you book 2 extra nights, you can choose if you would like 1 night either side of your tour or 2 beofre or 2 after. If you would like to change this please call Nomads Noosa on 07 5447 3355

Pre Tour Briefing

The date you choose to book is the date that you will be leaving to go to Fraser Island. The Pre Tour Briefing is compulsory and is held the day before you depart to Fraser Island. If you book for the 10th, then your Pre Tour Briefing will be held on the 9th at 6pm at Nomads Noosa. 

How does it work with refunding?

Please see our Refund Policy 

Can I drive during the tour?

Yes you can! If you are a minimum of 21 years of age, currently holding a valid drivers license and have the ability to drive a manual car. Refundable Insurance cash deposit of $250 per person must be paid, refunded in full provided the vehicle is returned un-damaged, or you can pay a non-refundable $10 excess reduction fee.

Is it possible to book open dated?

It is! Your voucher is valid for 12 months after your booking date. You must call Nomads Noosa (07 5447 3355) to book and confirm your trip. Please check availability on the website regularly and we advise to book a minimum of two weeks before the expire date of your voucher. 

What to bring to Fraser Island?

So what to bring on this cool Fraser Island adventure? Pack a small backpack with your camera, a valid current drivers license (for those who want to drive), your sunscreen, insect repellent, a hat, appropriate clothing, toiletries, a sleeping bag (also available for hire) and some snacks.

How to pay for the Fraser Island Tour?

Via a very secure and safe payment way called Stripe, you can easily pay for your tour with credit card. 

How do you confirm your trip?

All trips need to be confirmed with Nomads Noosa (07 5447 3355) at least 48hours before departure, all you need is your confirmation number that we will send to you via email.

When do I have to be in Noosa?

Since there is a pre-tour briefing being held at 6pm one day before departure day, you have to be at Nomads Noosa at least by then. 

Why book with Nomads?

Because more than 153,500 happy travellers have travelled with us before, which makes us very experienced! Nomads have friendly and professional staff and local, knowledgeable guides to ensure you have everything you need to enjoy an UNFORGETTABLE experience on World Heritage Listed Fraser Island! 

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What happens when I've paid?

All of our orders are delivered by a voucher system. Upon successful transaction through the shopping cart your order will be booked & checked by one of our travel agents and you will receive an email with your confirmation number.