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Lake McKenzie


Lake McKenzie


lakemckenzienewThis lake is a ‘perched’ lake, which actually means that it only contains rainwater. Lake McKenzie is not fed by streams and doesn’t flow to the ocean, and the sand at its bottom prevents the rainwater from draining away. The same sand also acts as a natural water filter which is where it gets its clear blue colour from. The purity of the lake however means that not much life survives here. Interesting facts, right? The sand near Lake McKenzie is very fine, and amazingly soft to walk on. Hint: you can use the sand as a very light exfoliant and it even cleans jewellery! This site has awesome camping facilities, with each site having its own campfire with wood provided. Toilets and cold showers are also nearby. Lake McKenzie is a Fraser Island activity than you can not miss out on! It’s a must-see that should be on everyone’s bucket list. 


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