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Maheno Shipwreck


Maheno Shipwreck


mahenoshipwrecknewAnother world famous landmark on Fraser Island is the Maheno wreck. Take it from us when we tell you that you cannot leave Fraser Island without stopping at this site! It’s a must-see. We’ll shower you with some fun facts about the wreck… First of all, ‘Maheno’ is the Maori, native language of New Zealand, word for island. The Maheno was built in Scotland in 1904 and holds the world’s first triple screw steamer title. She was an ocean liner that operated in the Tasman Sea crossing between New Zealand and Australia and was also used as a hospital ship during WOI.


Eventually the Maheno was sold and during its move to Japan in 1936, it ran aground on Fraser Island due to a unseasonal cyclone. Nice history lesson right there, right? You can still find the wreck along famous 75 Mile Beach. It’s an amazing place for picture perfect photos and the place held special meaning to the aboriginals. They would play didgeridoos there for humpbacks migrating the area and it was also a sacred place for Aboriginal women to give birth. You know what to do: put this place on your growing bucket list!


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